Product Innovation


Helping Corporates & Startups Create And Launch Delightful Digital Products

For the past 10 years, I have worked with Corporates and tech Startups in three different continents to jumpstart their innovation journey and create outstanding product innovation portfolios. I am an expert in Program Management and Product Management.

Initially starting as an Innovation Strategist in a boutique consulting practice, I designed and managed Corporate Innovation Programs, and managed the development of delightful retail digital solutions in the largest Financial Services group in the MENA region. I have also designed and recently managed a Startup Venture Studio where I worked with startups in financial services, automotive and media to develop enterprise products for fortune 100 companies. I achieved an exit (major acquisition and IPO) within a 12month period.

I currently lead multiple product innovation projects from inception to launch, ensuring that products meet users’ needs and business objectives using Agile XP methodologies.



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Areas of Expertise


Ensuring that innovation teams are building the right thing by combining qualitative and quantitative research, scenario building and trends analysis to inform the right product decisions. Key strategic inputs are related to customer, competition, data, innovation and value propositions


Collaborating with startups to launch disruptive solutions in the market. Managing startup development using a lean startup methodology, facilitating venture investment (angel and VCs) and designing and supporting go-to-market strategies. Worked with startups in the FinTech, Automotive and Media industries.


Working with agile software engineers, designers, agile test engineers (QA) to plan features, iterations and ensure that product releases provide the needed value to the customer. Following lean, extreme programming methods to ensure optimal delivery of applications


Managing the overall program scope & lifecycle and maintaining its continuous alignment with strategic business objectives. Setting the operational plans and making recommendations to modify the plan when necessary. Setting priorities to ensure optimization, and overseeing the timely/quality execution of the overall program.